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Your personal data will be used for COVID-19 Vaccination and will be stored securely in the Data Center of the Provincial Government of Davao del Norte. Said data will only be accessed by authorized permanent employee of the said agency. All data and information accessed through the DavNor Covid19 Information Management System (DCIMS) or as provided by the concerned person shall be treated and kept with utmost confidentiality and that any personal data and information shall not be used nor given to anybody else, except to those who are authorized to use the same to be used solely for the implementation of DCIMS specifically in furtherance of its purpose. You have the right to have a copy of the said data for correction or for any other purpose. On this regard, please call the numbers provided under Contacts on the Main Page.


By clicking the proceed button, I give permission to share my data to authorized persons who are tasked to collect, store, transmit, use, distribute, disclose, share, retain, dispose, screen and process in Covid-19 vaccination.

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NOTE: Due to the limited supply of vaccines, the family members of Healthcare Workers under Covid-19 Referral Hospitals, Hospitals catering Covid-19 Cases and Quarantine Isolation Facilities are prioritize.

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